Consulting and Advising

DMA Consulting can bring extensive experience and broad knowledge of the governmental processes that control fishery and conservation decision-making to bear in helping your projects or processes achieve their goals. Whether it be at the planning, design, execution, or intermediate problem solving stage of your endeavor, DMA Consulting can enhance your chances of success.

Long Term Solutions

DMA Consulting can help you or your organization strategically develop long term, sustainable solutions for contemporary problems related to domestic and international fisheries. DMA Consulting is committed to remaining cognizant of the generational benefits that sustainable fishery management concepts can accrue to those participating in sport, commercial and tribal fisheries, members of coastal and extended fishing communities that depend on healthy fisheries, and society at large.

Representing You

Given the depth of understanding gained over years of experience, DMA Consulting has the capacity to represent your fishery conservation and management interests in the appropriate manner in a variety of forums. Dr. McIsaac is seen here testifying on behalf of the Pacific Fishery Management Council to a U.S. Senate Commerce Subcommittee on reauthorization of the Magnuson - Stevens Act.