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Dr. McIsaac McIsaac and his assisting associates can help you get the job done right

Dr. McIsaac served as the Executive Director of the Pacific Fishery Management Council from 2000 through early 2016. During that time he worked closely with people in Federal, State, and Tribal fishery agencies, leaders of fishing industry and conservation organizations, scientific and legal experts in marine fishery matters, and was a strong advocate of a comprehensive public involvement process. He also represented the Pacific Council in a variety of inter-jurisdictional and international marine fishery endeavors. Prior to serving in this capacity he worked for 25 years for two State agencies on fishery management matters, with work growing from field work as a hip-boot biologist to scientific analysis, supervision of major research and management programs, and being part of teams negotiating agreements in inter-jurisdictional policy forums.

Dr. McIsaac, collectively with his associates, constitute DMA Consulting.